Reclaim Pride Umeå

“Oh no, we don’t want Pride weekend to end?!”

Great, we don’t want that either! Bokkafé Angbett will continue by arranging a talk with the author Sam Holmqvist, currently writing a book about a thief named Lasse-Maja. The event will be at Kulturhuset Klossen, and scheduled for Thursday 6 October at 7pm.

Lasse-Maja - Sweden’s first queer celebrity

The thief Lasse-Maja lives life alternating between a man and a woman in the early 19th century. In their autobiography, sex with both men and women is described as both man and woman. The tail contains rape, starvation, a corrupt legal system, sex work, poverty, oppression, and rebellion. In modern times, Lasse-Maja has often been portrayed as a heterosexual man’s man - hear their story told in a new way.

With: Sam Holmqvist, Södertörn University