Reclaim Pride Umeå

Reclaim Pride presents Queer-O-Ween!

This is the time of year everyone has been waiting for! Bring your own costume or come just as you are.

On Thursday we will have a movie night and Friday we will have a halloween party as well as food and events. Fika and popcorn will be available, feel free to bring your own drinks. Place: Kulturhuset Klossen


Thursday 27/10:

Friday 28/10:

If a few people would like to stay and help clean up afterwards it would be very appreciated.

We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable! If you witness or experince anything that makes you uncomfortable or feel unsafe by, such as discrimination, please the organisers know so we can take the appropriate measures. We want this event to be a safe space for the whole LGBTQ+ community.

This event is organized in partnership with Studiefrämjandet.