Reclaim Pride Umeå


Now it’s almost showtime, and we’re so excited!! During the weekend, in addition to all the fantastic lectures and workshops, there will be a room completely dedicated to crafts - pins and t-shirt painting, among other things. It will be open throughout the entire weekend. This means you can go there whenever you feel like crafting. We also have a quiet room that will be dark and a nice spot for a sensory break. In addition, there will be story books, puzzles and crafts available for those of you who come with children. The premises are accessible.


During the weekend there will be food. We will have recommended (cheap) prices, but it is also possible to pay more/less. Everyone’s bellies should be full! <3 There will be toasts and sandwich irons as well as coffee bread and coffee/tea available all weekend. On Friday and Saturday, a meal will be served at a certain time. Food will be vegan, and gluten-free options are available.


This is a queer event where community and solidarity are the focus. Therefore no queerphobia, racism, sexism, or ableism is tolerated. If you feel unsafe by someone or something don’t hesitate to talk to staff.

The parade

During the parade we will walk in a separate group under “Återta (Retake) Pride”. Feel free to join us and chant “we are taking back our streets, we are taking back our Pride”

Leeeeet’s goooooo!!!!! :DD