Reclaim Pride Ume├ą


What a weekend we had! Us organizers are so proud, filled with love, and energy. Thank you so much to everyone whom came and turned the fantastic Klossen into an exuberant, energetic, revolutionary, safe, and queer place! For those of you who, for various reasons, missed the event: we are close to promising that it will happen again! During the weekend, we saw what a need there actually is in Ume├ą for an organization like this. The seeds have been sown for the continued struggle ahead of more queer radical organizing in our city. It is an honor to be able to witness what will come from this. Big thanks to all the presenters and workshop leaders who provided us with insightful topics, facts, and discussions. We would also like to thank all of you who participated and shared your experiences. There is so much wisdom to be found in each of us! Thank you as well to all the brave participants on the Open Stage. What a great show and fantastic atmosphere it was! And as someone discussed over the weekend: what makes us queers is uniting in the fight for something radically better.